Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The end of this road

I am nearing the end of this road I think. I miss working or working toward something more tangible than "raising my kids." Moreover, they have started to enter preschool.

How is it that people can feel able to homeschool? I am a trained teacher, albeit a secondary one, but still, I have the basics. I do not feel qualified or able or willing to tackle my girls education... Perhaps I can supplement it or enrich it?

So it is with a mixed heart that I embrace the enivitable return to real work that is coming. I have begun to apply for teaching jobs and LSAT and Law School and PhD's...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Philadelphia for the Final Four

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Stay tuned

If you love out-of-date blogs you must love this one. The computer hard drive went down and I lost everything and time. Several live human beings expressed an interest in the blogs at my friend's wedding. They have probably lost interest as that was a few days ago and now is the first time I am blogging in weeks.

Stay tuned, the ideas are welling up.

Friday, February 03, 2006


For the Initiated

The uninitiated will tell you that staying-at-home must be great. They often begin to tally off the wonderful places they'd go. It provides a myriad of internal reactions. Outwardly it is best to simply smile and nod. There's no use ranting until they've been in your shoes.

First foray out of the house with the girls, alone deserves an entire chapter and maybe even a book in the eternally planned and procrastinated Idiodtyssey, my phantom autiobiography.

Finally to my point, Moe's Southwest Grill (particularly the Orchard Park, New York) is great. It's child portions are reasonably priced considering they include a cookie and drink. And the coup de grace are the kids' cups. The "straw" is not rigid so that small kids have to hold it awkwardly. It is a piece of clear rubber/plastic tubing infinitely adaptable. The tops are cone shaped and don't fly off as the kid tips the cup (not knowing the difference between cups with straws and regular). I was a fan but today went beyond mere enjoyment.

Alas, I pushed the envelope and tried to finish my meal. The girls weren't into being patient. Lily climbed under the table and made a break. At least I'd finished the "Homewrecker" Burrito and only had to sacrifice the chips and salsa.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


New Hobbies

Despite my adament aversion to running for running's sake, I seem to be drawn to races. I finished the Marine Corps Marathon and never really want to do that to myself again...but it would be nice to do better than 5 hours? Still it was an expensive little challenge all said and done.

Maybe I can convert the per mile times and just tryt o beat those on short local races? I missed the Turkey Trot in an effort to be accomodatingt o my wife. It was a mistake because I really regret not running.

Oh well, the Shamrock Run will be a nice one for March. Short and with the promise of Beer at the finish.

The one thing about running is that its solitary. That is fine sometimes but toddlers hardly provide "comraderie." I guess that's why I'm falling for Rugby and Gaelic/Irish Football.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Paying Bills

One of the Stay-at-Home duties is to pay bills. I am woefully adroit at putting this off. Part of it is that we're basically broke. Our income is slightly less than the out-flow. That means alternating late bills in order to stay solvent.

Anyway, the point of this post is to link to this article, Young and Broke. It is depressinga dn thought provoking. But it also provides some cheer. The knid of misery loves company stuff. Still, it's keeping me from paying the bills.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Calvin and Hobbes as required reading

From Calvin and Hobbes: Attack of the Snow Goons, by Bill Waterson:


This one's for Clancy--Initial Potty Training Research

It never really occurred to me that anybody would really be reading my Mr. Mom blog. I think I intended it as more of an outlet and motivator. Byt hat I mean that the ambitious side of me sees the need for a book for us Dad's and my ability to produce one. The daily part of me is stuck coping with the daily parts of life.

With that said, I haven't been a disciplined writer. But one of my Rugby teammates, Clancy, seemed to find great humor in a couple of my posts here. So here's to you Clancy. And may you remember that you won't realize how right I am until you need this too.

Anna is reaching 2 1/2 years old and I am told potty training. We had a couple of shining moments back a few weeks ago, but nothing prodigious happened. What I mean is that I kind of half hoped my genius daughter would train herself. Moreover, one of the downfalls of being Mr. Mom is that the lines of duty are blurred.

My wife did the lion share of prep-work for having children. She read the books and enrolled us in classes. As Anna reached the Potty age I figured that Mommy, being female, might again take the reins. Yes, I know I am passive.

The obvious can only be avoided so Machiavelli's advice about war (The Prince). Anna isn't going to do this on her own and Mommy actually has to work during the day. Finally, agreeing to be Mr. Mom means that you are now responsible for many formerly motherly duties.

So I am actually using my internet time to look up job-related duties... I'll include some of the better links and paste some of my favorite advice.

As a young teacher a colleague lamented her 2 year old's new found love of unrolling the TP. It reminded me of Calvin and Hobbes.
Squash the roll. If your toddler likes to unroll the toilet paper, try this. Before you put a new roll on the roller, squash the roll so that the cardboard roll inside is no longer round. This way, it will not unroll as fast. Also, little ones who are potty training will not get too much paper per tug on the roll. (from

I think this article's title says it all, “Potty Training Works When it is Fun.” Pottying is fun. What athletes among us have not traded “my poo was this long” or a diarrhea story?

I just came across a webring (circle of links to sites on) Infant Potty Training. I wonder if this is where Freud got his theory of being anal retentive? I'll leave that research for later as I merely want to stop changing diapers.

I scanned my Calvin and Hobbes books for the TP cartoon. I might need to study them more to prepare for sentient children. Right now their destructive capabilities are pretty easily contained.

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